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Every Week I Have the Privilege...

Every week I have the privilege of seeing that look on someone’s face. It’s the look that tells me they haven’t seen like that in a long time or maybe ever.

Sometimes it’s a third grader at the peak of learning to read for enjoyment and success; the next week it’s a senior adult who didn’t have the privilege of eye care in the last decade; and other times it’s a busy mom who’s been putting everyone else first.

Overall, it takes about five minutes to set up an appointment by calling 806/322-3937. Then, the comprehensive eye exam takes less than an hour. Finally, some time in the next month patients may have an even shorter follow-up appointment with me to see if the recommended vision correction option is working well or not.

At Amarillo Family Eyecare we appreciate the opportunity to help patients see clearly again or anew.

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